Wutwedoo e-commerce website created by blackbelt commerce shopify experts
As a first-time website builder/operator, there were always questions, especially tackling a bilingual website no less. And of course, even with the ease and convenience of a template, there is always going to be something that doesn't quite fit the mold. Shopify Ninjas were there to provide timely, expert advice in a friendly manner, and went out of their way to explain things that I was maybe slow to absorb. From helping with customizing my menus, to adding new buttons and features, the Ninjas had my back. If you are considering tackling a bilingual website, and feel that maybe it's a little beyond you, my advice is take the plunge. The Ninjas put together an excellent product, and provide second-to-none customer service to get you rolling! Go Ninjas! Chris, wutwedoo.com
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