Are your popups getting you customers? 

Why is this important?

We believe there's an epidemic on Shopify stores.

Through our work on over 500 Shopify stores, we've seen way too many store owners using thoughtless popups.   After being online for only 2-5 seconds,  even first time visitors are getting harassed for their email addresses. Some of these popups can't even be closed on a mobile phone.

We believe this is hurting a lot of Shopify businesses, because:
* Visitors may LEAVE your website
* Most visitors will totally IGNORE the popup at best
* Those that do see the popup, will often feel as though you're asking WAY too early.
* Most stores give nothing in return for their email address.

No-one wants to join another 'newsletter'.  But some customers WILL gladly give you their email for something valuable and when asked in the right context.  

How to get your popups noticed (without annoying your customers)

Give them something valuable.

Don't just offer to "Join our newsletter".  Make it enticing like a VIP Club or an Elite Members List.  More importantly, offer them something RELEVANT in return:  A PDF report, a video series, a mini-course, or something else related to your business. 

Wait until the time is right: don't ask too early. 

We use clever technology to show popups or email capture forms ONLY when we know someone is interested.  Visited 3 pages?  Been on the site for 2 minutes?  Seen a particular article?  Only then do we ask for an email. 

Think about your customer as a real person.

Allow your popups to be closed, easily.  Don't show them on mobile devices if they're going to get in the way of what they're reading.   Show them relevant content in context, not in isolation 'hoping' for the best. 

What You Get:  The Thoughtful Email Collection Service for Shopify 

1) Setup CLEVER email captures on your website.

Using clever software called SumoMe, we'll set up:

* A popup customised to trigger after a certain amount of time on your website

* A popup customised to trigger after a certain amount of pageviews on your website, based on your analytics.

* A slide-out popup for blog content

* A clickable link you can insert anywhere on your site

All this will be linked to your email software (MailChimp, AWeber, ConvertKit, etc.) and tied with your Lead magnet if you have one. 


2) Actionable reporting and analysis - every month

* Monthly reporting via an email summary, so you can see the results of your investment in the service and how many email addresses are being collected.  

* Up to 5 tweaks per month, so you can continue collecting more and more email addresses.

* Support from our dedicated team who have worked on over 500 Shopify stores.  

(This software alone normally costs between $150 - $250 USD per month. Because we're a reseller, we can set it up for you as part of our service package.)


3) Intuitive Tools and Suggestions for creating your valuable Lead Magnet

A key part of the strategy is having something valuable to offer visitors, in return for their email address.  Don't know what to offer or how to do it?

* We'll provide you with a bulletpoint list of 5 ideas, specific to your website and industry.

* You'll also receive our proprietary guide to creating an attractive, professional lead magnet - how to do it in one hour, using free software and no technical knowledge.

*Note: It'd be up to you to actually create the Lead Magnet, but we'll guide you along the process. 


Example: Let's take a shoe business.

Step 1: Create something valuable, such as a free report on the latest shoe trends, how to care for your shoes, or a discount.  

Step 2: Create a popup that shows only after the customer has read 50% of a shoe-related article, visited 3 pages, or added a product to cart.  Then offer them the report or discount in return for their email address. 

Step 3: Monitor, add and update the popups across the site.  For example, when you write a new post, you could create a new popup. Released a new product?  Offer something unique in return for their email address when they have viewed it. 

Why hire us to do this?

Most importantly, we've used this strategy in our own buisness.  When we did this, our email signups tripled.  This is not a 'theory' or a mysterious piece of magic.  It's a concrete set of tools we can use to grow your email list.

We've worked on over 500 Shopify stores, many of whom have several thousand email subscribers (some in the hundreds of thousands).  As a result, we've worked with many types of businesses, and we know what works and what doesn't.

Could I set this up myself?
Yes, you could.  If you can follow the guidance here on your own, we would love that too!  But, we've seen many Shopify store owners get stuck on creating the 'something valuable', and learning the tools to implement this strategy.  Most store owners would rather focus on their business than learn the tools required to set this up.  Creating clever, targeted popups is not easy, and requires a lot of learning.  The software also has a monthly cost, which you save on since we can bundle it into our services package. 

What's the investment (to dramatically increase your email signups, without annoying your customers)?

We've found customers see a very quick return on investment because email marketing is tied so closely to eCommerce sales.  This service will pay for itself very quickly if you sell even a few extra products.  Because this is a monthly service with reporting, tweaking and updating, it gets better over time, and improves exponentially.  

Including the software we use to create the 'clever' email collections, the price for the Thoughtful Email Collection Services is $350 USD per month, including the software (which, on its own, would normally cost you $150-$250 USD or more per month).   Because results come in over time, a 3-month minimum is requested. After that initial commitment, you cancel anytime if you're really not getting a huge return on your business. 

Ready to get started dramatically increasing your email signups?  Sign up below.