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How To Use Social Media To Promote Your e-commerce Store

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The main reasons why an e-commerce store sets up a social media account is to promote your store in the best possible light. This will attract buyers to make a purchase. With every social media account and every post, you should be asking yourself; ‘How will this drive buyers to my store?’ If you can answer this question, you have done something right.

Blackbelt Commerce is aware that the main factor that needs to be implemented by businesses is essential to engage with your audience. The way individual businesses do this will depend on the particular market and target audience, but the main result is the same. Improved user engagement must be a priority for e-commerce stores. Blackbelt Commerce can help you find the right solutions tailored to your consumer’s needs. This can, in turn, lead to increased site traffic and sales. The fail-safe approach to engaging with consumers is through social media.

Below are some of the top ways your e-commerce store can benefit from active social media presence and engagement.


Instagram’s notable surge in success in recent years is due to retaining user’s engagement. Beware, however. Your e-commerce site faces the challenge of Instagram feeds being arranged by popularity, as opposed to chronological order.

What does this mean?

It means it can be challenging to gain visibility for your business. However, one way to get in front and be seen by your target audience is through posting Instagram Stories.

Their launch of Live stories, initially seen as a failure, has added to the slow demise of Snapchat. Instagram Stories are instant, interactive and spontaneous. They can be utilized by businesses to engage potential buyers. For those looking to find e-commerce solutions for social media, Shopify experts can provide you with programs that use Instagram to help you capture the attention and loyalty of customers.

By adding a link to your products direct to your story, and advertising products at the same time, you are providing users with a direct link to purchase. It encourages viewers to swipe up and instantly discover more about the product.

“Stories are supposed to be spontaneous, realistic and fun — a simple slice of real life, or a daily video journal.………… They can feel raw and unpolished… But because they’re full-screen in the mobile-native vertical format, they’re instantly engaging, especially on larger smartphones.” – Kurt Wagner, Recode


Facebook is another main driver attracting potential buyers to your e-commerce store. Effective social media marketing on this platform can see an instant boost in traffic to your website. Blackbelt can work with you, and along with the appropriate Shopify e-commerce development, you can see customer engagement improve.

Facebook business pages are an easy way your target audience can find your store. The most popular social media platform provides an easy way to connect to customers through the following ways:

  • Regular posts and videos
  • Live video streaming
  • Photo sharing opportunities
  • Customer interaction through live chat
  • Product promotion
  • Event promotion

Blackbelt Commerce recommends featuring your e-commerce page directly on your Facebook page. This can make it easy for buyers to find the products you are promoting via your social media, as opposed to a blank search alone.

Other Top Tips

Social media is a constantly changing platform that will require time and effort to retain potential customers. Different ways to capitalize on social media to promote your store include:

  • Following consumers on social media– this can make potential buyers aware of your e-commerce store and provide exposure for your business, with minimal effort on your part.
  • Post regularly– this applies to all social media accounts. A regularly updates Instagram feed, Twitter page or Facebook account will attract more users than an account that has not posted for a month. Blackbelt Commerce is familiar with the fact that customer retention is only achieved through relatable, fresh content. These platforms offer the opportunity to display and share content about your products for free, directly to your key target audience. Utilize this by giving users what they want in the form of regular, exciting content. You can turn to Shopify experts to help you, and alongside Blackbelt Commerce, maximize your social media for the better.
  • Offer promotions – Social media is a sure way to encourage and entice users to your store. As well as regular posts, retain engagement through product promotions and sales. Another tactic is to promote products for a limited time only. This is referred to as Scarcity marketing.
  • Capitalize on trending events – The continuous stream of content that social media provides can work in your favor if a trending topic aligns with the product you sell. Many companies take this opportunity to promote a certain product and increase exposure, simply through capitalizing on trending content. Trending content can change every day but can make the difference between no traction and instant boost in website traffic. All this can be attained through monitoring trending topics online and thinking creatively.


Social media is an essential aspect for any e-commerce store. We at Blackbelt understand how to integrate and develop your social media for your Shopify store. Turn to our Shopify experts to boost engagement and traffic,


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