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How to Build a Great E-Commerce Store

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Websites are a dime a dozen. In fact, there are over 644 million of them. That number is only growing. Therefore, it can be daunting trying to find a way to make yours stand out. The key ingredients to a successful e-commerce store, though, is to include great functionality, readability, beautiful aesthetics and something of value.

You want to be unique, but also need to cater to your target audience. Getting the balance between the two can be difficult. One great way to incorporate all of this is to use a trusted e-commerce platform like Shopify. For those who may need help setting up their Shopify store, Blackbelt Commerce is one of the best Shopify developers on the market.

Before you sign up, you need to know what makes a great e-commerce website.

Work Within A Niche

You cannot sell everything under the sun. You have to decide what niche you wish to work within and start from there. Is it clothing, accessories, or shoes? Do you want to sell your digital marketing or copywriting services? Once you have decided, this is your stepping stone which can lead you to further expansion later on.

“If everybody is doing it one way, there’s a good chance you can find your niche by going exactly in the opposite direction.” – Sam Walton

There are key ingredients every e-commerce website needs:

  • A domain name. One that includes your brand name, is memorable and does not include characters such as number and hyphens.
  • Mobile compatibility. Most shoppers now complete orders on their smartphones.
  • Shopping cart and checkout process. You cannot have a sub-par or overcomplicated checkout process. This would lead to cart abandonment.
  • Security measures. Users will not buy from a site that they don’t trust, so it is important that you ensure it is encrypted and secured so that everyone can shop with peace of mind.
  • The appropriate add-ons. Most e-commerce platforms can allow you to include extra add-ons or plug-ins so help streamline your business processes.

How To Choose Your E-commerce Platform 

The e-commerce platform you choose will be up to your needs and your budget.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the most popular options out there:

  1. Shopify

Shopify is well-known. It is a safe and reliable e-commerce platform for all business owners, regardless of their niche or industry. Everything works together flawlessly. Shopify ensures the website, payments, inventory, and shopping cart are all sync up.

You will not be responsible for the technical aspect of your site. Shopify has professionals to keep your website secure and fast. To further simplify your website, Shopify includes easy backend administration. However, if you do need help with setting your store up, you can contact Blackbelt Commerce so that our team of Shopify experts can help develop your site for you.

Other benefits include:

  • Professional support
  • A large community of Shopify developers
  • Easy-to-use built-in tools

Cost:$29 – $299 per month, depending on shop size and needs.

  1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a big name in e-commerce. Not only can you sell on your own site, but you can also sell on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Square, and incorporate a buy button into blogs and emails.

Cost:$29.95 – $249.95

Though it all boils down to your personal needs, it is often best to choose the builder that has the greatest growth. Shopify is an incredibly safe e-commerce platform. It is also easy-to-use and offers professional support. BigCommerce, however, could be a cheaper option, depending on your store.

Customize Your E-commerce Store

Your website needs to be customized. It should be personal to your brand and your target audience. If you are a loud and outspoken brand looking to target teenage girls, you wouldn’t want to make it crisp, white and bland. Instead, loud colors and edge customization may be perfect for your brand identity.

Setting up a multilingual site is no easy take. Rather than make costly mistakes, use the trusted services of a Shopify website developer and hire Shopify experts.

SEO Content Marketing

Focus on SEO

 Search engine optimization is still crucial to the success of your e-commerce store. You can have keywords included in your on-site content. However, on-site content should be easy-to-read and kept to a minimum. Weighty, long text is considered off-putting.

You should also include a blog. With a blog, you can upload content that contains keywords but is also shareable. Your content can be shared across social media platforms which should also be linked to your website. If you are unsure on how to target your audience, Shopify experts can look over and audit your website to see what needs improvement.

“No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is technical SEO.”— Neil Patel,


Running an e-commerce store can be difficult. It is, however, possible when you have the right tools to help you become a success. Blackbelt Commerce can help you develop and create a superb Shopify store with their range of Shopify services. Be sure to make use of the tools at your disposable.


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