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How to Boost Recurring Sales Through Smart Digital Marketing

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Recurring sales is the what every business, big and small, wants. It costs less and has the added benefit of natural word-of-mouth advertising. If a customer loves your product and buys it again and again, he or she will tell all of their friends about it.

Recurring sales is a win-win for everyone, but it is not easy to do. You need to make sure your e-commerce platform is optimized, to start. Hire a Shopify developer to take your online store to the next level, and find the right theme to truly convey your brand.

If you are a wholesale retailer, for example, we here at Blackbelt Commerce can help you set up a Shopify Wholesalesight that will perform.

You need to improve your website and your relationship with every customer and follower you have. This can be done in person easily simply through great customer service, but how do you accomplish it online?

The Recurring Customer Vs. The One-Time Customer

The recurring customer is completely different from the one-time customer. They require different strategies to get.

How to Get a Single Sale

To get a single sale, you simply need to pay. Perhaps you invest in PPC marketing or social media marketing. This can cost a lot, especially considering there is no guarantee they will buy anything. This makes the ROI very low.

How to Get Repeat Sales

To get repeat sales you need to focus on your current customers, and for new customers to invest instead in the “soft sale.”Most new customers won’t buy something the first time they visit your website. What you can get, however, is an email and a subscription to your mailing list. This is where the true courtship begins.

Customers are more than just the people buying from you–or at least they should be. Your success depends on taking company-customer relationships from transactions to connections.

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What Digital Marketing Tactics ActuallyWork?

This courtship will involve a lot of digital marketing. A quick rundown of what you need to accomplish includes:

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to directly engage with your customers. Most working people today will check their emails regularly, giving you a great opportunity to build a relationship. You need to be careful, however. Don’t offer spam, instead:

  • Offer industry-relevant news
  • Personalized suggestions
  • Interesting blog pieces


Your goal is to get them to return to your site regularly so that they can learn to trust your brand and covet your products.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another great option. Done right it will allow you to:

  • Create real relationships with your followers
  • Offer great customer service
  • Boost sales from the app
  • Encourage shadow shares (sharing privately to other users)

BigCommerce SEO


SEO is necessary to improve your Shopify stores or BigCommerce site. It is also how you can improve your Google ranking and ideally bring in more traffic through search engines.

PPC Marketing

PPC marketing can be very effective, but only if you work on keyword research and providing a great landing page. Having a great Shopify PayPal ready site is great, but it needs to be optimized for your keyword.

If you pay to rank highly on, say, Party Dresses, then you need to ensure that party dresses are prominently featured on your landing page.

Mixed Media Marketing

Another great digital marketing tactic is to rely on traditional strategies, with a digital goal in mind. In short, you want to make your store, pop up, packaging, or product exceptional so that users will want to take a photo of it and share it online. This will make your company a huge hit.

Where to Start

To accomplish all of this, you will need to optimize your site:

Optimize Your Website

You need your Shopify or BigCommerce website to:

  1. Look great
  2. Be very easy to use
  3. Have a flawless e-commerce platform set up by a Shopify expert
  4. Be optimized for search engines
  5. Have resources for customers (ex: blogs)

Optimize Your Digital Presence

Having successful Shopify stores designed by e-commerce developers like Blackbelt Commerce can help all of your other digital marketing efforts pay off. After all, if you put a lot of effort into enticing customers to your website, your website will need to be incredible to get that sale.

Keep the momentum going by cleaning up your digital presence on and off your site (particularly on your social media) and then implement customer loyalty strategies.

How to Build Customer Loyalty

Building loyalty is how you will see repeat visits and word-of-mouth marketing soar. To help boost this loyalty, you will need to:

Offer an Authentic Experience

Authentic experiences online can seem like an oxymoron, but they aren’t. Shopify and BigCommerceoffermany unique themes and ongoing customer support specifically to help you create an authentic and unique experience for your customers.

Remember that Personalization is Power

To really make use of personalization you need to invest in deep learning. Offering other suggestions for the item your customer is looking for is great, but if you have a program that can predict what they are going to wear that to, and what accessories would go well, then you can really boost sales and loyalty.

Deep learning is much better than other ML and AI techniques in understanding what customers want as it has the potential to find patterns inside of patterns.

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How to Get Them to Come Back

Get them to come back with:

  1. Great Social Media Campaigns and Ongoing Engagement
  2. Special Sales and Personalized Discounts
  3. Personalized Suggestions
  4. Interesting News and Blog Pieces
  5. With Great Customer Service

If you can get your customers to return to your site over and over again, you will have automatically increased your chances of a lifelong customer and many repeat sales.


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